Molokai Vacation Rentals

Resort Condos and Vacation Homes

Molokai vacation rentals are the perfect accommodation choice for both couples seeking a private, peaceful retreat as well as families who seek solitude and refuge from the stress of everyday life.

Because there are so many rental accommodations to choose from, including condominiums, homes and even charming bed and breakfast establishments, there is literally something for everyone.

Molokai vacation rentals can range from a spacious, luxurious Hawaiian home to a romantic retreat; depending upon your needs. Because Molokai rentals offer privacy, they are the ideal choice for a retreat on this Hawaiian island that is often called “The Isle of Solitude.”

Hawaii Vacation Rentals

Many honeymoon couples find Molokai condo rentals perfect as they afford more privacy than a typical hotel. And Molokai is an ideal locale for romantics of all ages. The island is said to be guarded by the natural spirits of the ancient Hawaiian gods, called “mana.” There is a tranquility about this island that is rarely found in vacation areas.

Molokai offers a reef thirty miles long that surrounds this rural island. Although the island is virtually isolated, there are still plenty of activities available for couples and families visiting Molokai, including biking, hiking or even horseback riding.

The beaches are lovely on this island, and many vacation rentals are close to the shoreline, offering both isolation and a chance to relax near calm, clear waters. Temperatures average in the mid-70s all year long on Molokai, making it the perfect place to visit virtually at any time of the year.

Peace and tranquility can have amazing effects on people. Molokai is often the destination for couples wishing to begin a family. Not only do Molokai vacation rentals offer seclusion, peace, and privacy, but vacationers can visit Kauleonanahoa, a huge, ancient fertility rock. It is still believed that if a woman visits Kauleonanahoa, places gifts or trinkets near the rock and spends the night near Kauleonanahoa, she will become pregnant. Of course, the chances are greater if she spends the night with her significant other. Fortunately, Molokai vacation rentals are available near Kauleonanahoa, which is not far from Palaau State Park. Visitors to this park can observe the world’s tallest sea cliffs and, at the top of the lookout, are said to be able to feel the “mana” guarding the island.

Molokai is the Hawaiian island that has the largest population of native Hawaiians within the commercial islands. To get the true experience of Hawaii, visitors must visit Molokai. And most of the Molokai vacation rentals feature the “feel” of the real Hawaii.

Despite the isolation and solitude one finds on this charming island, there is still shopping and dining available. Many Molokai vacation rentals are close to “the beaten path” so visitors can experience everything the island has to offer, including traditional luaus, which are a common practice throughout the Hawaiian Islands. A Luau is usually held outdoors, features a variety of different foods, ranging from the exotic to the simple, and most finish with some form of Hawaiian entertainment. No one should visit Hawaii without participating in at least one Luau.

Molokai vacation rentals are an excellent choice when seeking accommodation on this peaceful island. They offer the pleasant surroundings of a home within a serene setting.