Why You Should Get a Rustic Concrete Cottage for Your Vacation House

Taking a vacation every now and then is a lot easier when you already have a place in mind to head to. Whether it’s the beach, the forest, or even in the mountains, having a cottage of your own is sure to make your trip a lot more enjoyable and relaxing.

While some people would opt for modern aesthetics for such an architectural project, more and more people are going for a more rustic vibe to go with their concrete house. The mix of both industrial and wood aesthetics is not only lovely to look at but there is also a good number of benefits to having concrete as the main part of your vacation concrete house design. Let’s go over some of the main perks of choosing concrete.


Concrete is a very resistant material and can withstand most of the elements that can potentially batter your home during inclement weather or other natural disasters. You can rest easy knowing that your rustic concrete cottage will most likely still be standing after a storm or an earthquake. It can easily resist most of these events.

Concrete also doesn’t decay or rust so it will last a very long time. It can also resist insect infestation rather effectively so you don’t have to worry about pests while you’re on vacation.


A huge perk of a vacation concrete house design is that you can build your cottage pretty much anywhere, be it on a beach, a forest, or a mountain. Obtaining and transporting the necessary materials should prove fairly straightforward and there are many contractors that can offer this service quite readily, making accessibility and logistics a lot more convenient.

Because concrete is fairly easily shaped, a good concrete company will be able to help outfit your vacation home with neat features very easily.


Concrete is highly flexible in terms of design options and possibilities. You can opt for a number of decorative concrete choices and the material can be shaped very easily. It complements other materials fairly well and the rustic concrete cottage can get that amazing mix of countryside quaintness and industrial touch with the right combination without losing out on functionality.



As mentioned early on, concrete is fairly easy to acquire, transport, and shape compared to its wood-framed counterparts. There is significantly less setup and equipment needed to start on a project so that will save you a lot in terms of time and effort.

Repairs and modifications can also be easily arranged due to concrete’s versatility and the overall durability can have you spending less on regular maintenance.

With all this in mind, you might be thinking of getting yourself your own vacation concrete house design turned into reality. If you’re looking for a concrete company that can best bring your ideas to life, why not hit up Maui Dream Vacation Condos? We’ll get you the best deals on your dream Rustic Concrete Cottage. Visit our website in order to contact us today!

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